EMDR Consultation for professionals


As an EMDR consultant-in-training I provide consultation for

  • EMDRIA Certification
  • Advanced consultation of complex cases

You will be able to build your confidence and knowledge in

  • Case formulation and treatment planning
  • The Adaptive Information Processing model
  • Using standard and alternative EMDR procedures

Becoming certified is an advanced designation. It signifies a practitioner who has undergone additional training and consultation to achieve a higher degree of expertise with EMDR, beyond the basic training. Becoming trained in EMDR can be compared to obtaining a bachelor’s degree, and qualifies one to attend graduate training, the completion of which is what EMDR certification represents. A graduate of the basic training is someone who is competent. Someone who is certified wants to be more than competent, they want to be good. Those seeking to become certified need to meet several criteria. You must:

  1. Submit evidence of having completed an EMDR training program
  2. Be independently licensed and submit a copy of your license
  3. Attach notarized documentation stating the following:
    1. You have at least two years of experience in your field
    2. You have conducted at least 50 EMDR sessions with 25 clients
  4. Participate in at least 20 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA approved consultant. Consultants-in-training may provide 15 of these 20 hours
  5. Attach letter(s) of recommendation from one or more EMDR approved consultants, regarding your utilizing EMDR with clients
  6. Attach two letters of recommendation regarding your professional utilization of EMDR (if possible), ethics in practice, and professional character
  7. Attach certificates of completion of 12 hours of EMDRIA continuing education credits
  8. Read and verify that you agree to adhere to EMDRIA policies

As a consultant-in-training I have been certified as an advanced EMDR practitioner. I can provide 15 of the 20 hours you need to become certified, and I work with a top EMDR consultant to ensure that the quality of consultation I provide is of the highest quality.

I can help you navigate the process of becoming certified, connect you with other professionals in the field (including approved consultants), and provide one of the two letters of recommendation regarding your utilization of EMDR, ethics and professional character. I also charge less than the average approved consultant, saving you money.

Please feel free to contact me by visiting my contact me page, or call my office at 509-531-6698. To view EMDRIA’s FAQ page on certification in EMDR, click here.